Does Your Business Need A Website Or A Blog

Today we are going to be discussing if your business needs a website or a blog. In this ever-growing digital space, it can be hard to decide what will be truly beneficial to you and your business. So today we will be answering the essential questions of “what is a website?” and “What is a blog?” so you can leave with knowledge of what is best for your business’s online presence.

What is a website?

A website is your business’s digital storefront. A website is your piece of the internet that allows you to showcase your products and services. Owning A website is owning real estate on the World Wide Web.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a portion of a website or type of website that allows you to create long-form content with the purpose to share, education or inspire an audience.

Are they the same thing?

A Blog is ALWAYS a website but, a website ISN’T always a blog.

In order to blog you need to have a website- A blog is just the type of website that you have. 

Does my business need a website or a blog

Does my business need a website?

Short answer, YES!

You need a website to grow your business, build reports with your customers and clients, and sell your products or services.

56% of customers say they do not trust a company without an online presence. You are alienating over 50% of your potential customers without a website. That’s ALOT of money! 

Other platforms aren’t your own. That success can be taken away from you in a second 

Does my Business need a blog?

Also yes, but it depends

Are you an online business owner? Then yes!

Are you a B TO B, or business to business, business owner, then also yes!

Are you trying to be found on the first page of GOOGLE?! Then ABSOLUTELY

Your blog is there for TWO reasons- 

To educate and position yourself as an authority in your industry. This creates magnetism for you from clients. This shows that you know what you’re talking about 

To increase your SEO – GOOGLE loves that you’re adding content to your website so they will rank you higher for certain search terms. In turn, increasing eyes and traffic into your business. 

A blog is right for you if you are a business owner with a website. Is it necessary, NO. is it helpful ABSOLUTELY. 

A website without a blog is better than no website at all. SO if jumping all in seems daunting, don’t worry about the blog, you can always add that later. If you have decided to start a blog and wonder what the next step is my recent blog post is a GREAT resource for you.

A blog is a tool and stepping stone to success.