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Your one stop shop!

all your website needs ALL in one once place.

Here to help you navigate bringing your business online! (in the way that works BEST for YOU)

Pre-built customizable websites templates that are ready to LAUNCH & easy to maintain.

Custom All-Inclusive Branding + Web Design designed by a pro so you can focus on your business.

Websites in a day so your business can have the ultimate VIP treatment and launch quickly online.

Website Audit + Coaching call that will ACTUALLY tell you what you can do to increase traffic, sales & profit!

a Visible business transformation 

imagine if ....

you could go from ...

Having no place to funnel potential clients.

No where to sell your services other than social media.

Lack of brand clarity & strategy.

Feeling anxious over building a website.



Sending potential customer to your website with confidence!

Owning the place you sell your products and services.

Having a clear, cohesive & identifiable brand.

A stress free way to built & maintain a website!

i need this! tell me more

i promise ...

to empower business owners with strategic, well-rounded websites that work for them so they can work on their business.

While working in the corporate world as a web design coach I saw it time & time again... Business owners who were frustrated from building their websites themselves without any guidance. Often times, building their websites became a time suck that took them away from focusing on what really mattered, THEIR BUSINESS & THEIR CUSTOMERS! 

Without any guidance, many would spend unnecessary time and money trying to build their websites. My mission is to be a partner, educator and all around cheerleader for your business through the impactful work of web design. I want to work on your website so YOU can work on your business! 

Website Templates


pre-built customizable websites




choose a template.

customize it.


Choose one of the fully built websites to purchase & make your own. 

Add your logo, colors, fonts + much more to make it 100% you. P.S. It is so easy to edit.

Add your website name & show off your new website with confidence that it was built to turn viewers into customers! 

it girl template

everything you need to have to a beautiful strategic website up in no time. 

what comes with my template?

the site.


- Fully built 4 page website

- Strategic marketing minded layout

- Social media connection

- Built with SEO in mind

- Mobile friendly design 

- Video tutorial to setting up &
   customizing your site

- E-mail support for all your questions

- A professional cheerleader! I'll be here to empower & cheer on your business 

Coming Soon!

the investment: $369



custom Design


all inclusive branding + web design

+ Type Combinations
+ Color Pallet
+ Brand/ Website Inspiration Board
+ First + Secondary Logos
+ PDF Branding Guide

+ Custom Built Showit5 Website
+ Showit Setup
+ Contact Forms
+ SEO Best Practices
+ Mobile-Friendly Responsive Design + Social Media Connection
+ SSL Certificate

+ Launch Day Action Plan
+ Website Training Meeting
+ Social Media Profile Images
+ Promotional Launch Images

+ Much more

Many more goodies coming your way!





I guide you through gathering content for your site so we can hit the ground running! You'll be provided with a questionnaire and templates that will make content EASY! On our kick-off call we will discuss your content & you'll leave with marketing & brand clarity!  

working together is easy

I turn your content and vision into a killer brand and website while you focus on your business! You'll receive video and live link previews from me so you can stay involved every step of the way.


launch your new site! 

We launch your website and celebrate our project together! You receive tools from me to continue succeeding even after our project is over! + you gain a forever cheerleader AKA ME! 

open mind for design 

"I feel very confident in recommending Jennifer to other small businesses looking to launch themselves forward. Jennifer's open mind for design is what sets Her apart. I could have never came up with the designs on my own"

- Ellie, Ellie Mae Makes

"Jennifer made suggestions based on what I needed, and produced a great website!"

-Sue, Elegant Affairs Planning  

produced a great website!

bringing my website back to life

We Developed a great partnership with Jennifer Ellsworth Web Design and their dedication to my website is evident in all aspects of the site. We appreciate the creative & detail-oriented approach to bringing my website back to life. Thank you Jen for making my life easy!

– Tanner, Auto Glass Medix

timeline: 4-6 weeks

INVESTMENT: 2000 - 5000

Most business invest 2000 to 5000 in their brand and website. Payments can be made in 4-6 installment to make the investment as manageable as possible for you.

investment + timeline

You'll have a month to complete your homework and gather all the goodies for you website. We work together to get your site launched ASAP!


(Ready to work together OR have more questions? Let's Connect!)

audit + Coaching Call


website and marketing clarity call

the call that answers the questions



how is my website really doing?

how can i improve my marketing and increase my sales?

An audit that tell you how much traffic your website is getting & where your visitors are coming from. Find where you may be ranking on Google and tips and trick to improve your ranking. Any technical errors on your site + and action plan to fix them!

What is your website saying to potential customers. Get tips & trips to make your marketing magnetic and more effective to ideal clients!

what to expect

investment $80

1 hr one-on-one call that leaves you feeling clarity on the best path for your business online. Via phone call or Zoom, with notes so you can look back on our call!

book now

Booking more clients and making more money

A business with a website that does the leg work for you!

Showcase your products and services in a strategic way that invites your clients and customers to make that purchase! 

A website that sells so you don't have to. Have leads contact and book you directly though your website!


missing potential to clients without a website


Send potential clients right to your site with confidence knowing that it was built to convert views into paying customers!

by working together you can...

"Jennifer made suggestions based on what I needed, and produced a great website!"

- Sue F. Elegant Affairs Planning

i'm jennifer, Your future web designer, brand strategist, and cheerleader!

I've been helping business owners achieve success online through web design for 3 years! Your business is my passion and I have a heart for creating a design you TRULY love! I design with every aspect of your business in mind. Branding, personality, sales process, and of course your CLIENTS! I guarantee an out of this world client experience every-time. (so you can make the big bucks of course!)

- I am so excited to be your friend in business! Let's do it! 

       your competition with a website that is beautiful, strategic, and making you money.



You know you need to take action but you still have some questions? I want to answer your questions and show you how I can help you succeed! This 30 minuets no obligation discovery call is all about chatting business, dreams, goals & visions with a friend. Theres no pressure, just conversation & information.

what are you waiting for?